Archery in Bryce Canyon

Archey TargetIn recent years, archery has become a very popular sport among men, women, and children alike. This may have to do with its emergence in popular movies, like The Hunger Games. Whatever lead to this rise in popularity, archery is now reaching bigger audiences, which is a fantastic thing.
There are so many things about archery that make it a terrific sport. It is a sport that combines many different skills but is still incredibly inclusive. Archery requires patience, practice, concentration, and strength. These important skills can transcend into other parts of life, as well, resulting in archers being more balanced and disciplined in every aspect of life. Yes, archery is truly one of the greatest sports there is.
For anyone interested in archery, Bryce Canyon is a terrific place to get started. There are also some places for archery in Zion National Park, which is near Bryce. But, before heading to Bryce or Zion, bow in hand, there are a few basics about archery that must be explored first. Things like archery basics, important gear, seasons for archery, and archery competitions must be understood before delving into the world of archery. We will discuss these important matters and more while exploring what makes this sport so incredible. Once the foundation of archery is understood, participants will wonder why they didn’t start practicing archery sooner.

Archery Basics

The thing that many would argue makes archery stand out as an incredible sport is the fact that nearly anyone can enjoy this sport. Younger children, adults, those with physical challenges, and everyone in between will find that archery and its sportsman are incredibly inclusive and accommodating. There are just a few things to which every person must adhere to have a safe and exciting time practicing archery.


With any sport, safe execution is the most important thing to learn. While every sport has its dangers, improperly practiced archery can be downright deadly. Every instructor and shooting range will have their own rules on safe shooting, but the following are the important ones to always remember.
The main thing to remember with any type of projectile is to never aim or point the bow and arrow at something that shouldn’t be hit. It is easy for beginners to lose their train of thought and get lost in conversation, allowing their bow to stray from down range, but this can be detrimental.
Another important thing to remember is that archers should never find their way onto the range while others are shooting. Even just moving up a few steps to retrieve a botched shot can be very dangerous.
To maintain personal health and safety, it is important for archers to check their gear before shooting. A fractured bow or frayed bowstring can go unnoticed until it’s too late. When gear malfunctions, it can seriously hurt the archer.
Following these basic safety rules, and any others given by instructors, is the best way to ensure that everyone has a fun and safe time on the archery range.

Form and Technique

An archer’s form is the most important thing to develop to become a great archer. Many people have different stance and form as they shoot, but there is a basic form that each person should follow.
Everyone will feel comfortable standing differently, but it is important to have an open stance with feet relatively square away from the target, and use the same stance consistently. Changing stance with each shot will result in arrows all over the target.
Once the stance is effective and comfortable, archers should now work on their form. Elbow rotation, with the elbow slightly rotated but not over extended, is crucial. Also, the grip of the arrow to the bow with the fingers should be consistent with each draw.
Lastly, the release should be slow, smooth, and deliberate. Questioning a shot just before releasing the arrow is a surefire way to have a big miss.


All that is left to do once the form and technique are comfortable is to keep on shooting. The saying goes that “practice makes perfect,” but the truth is, no one will ever have a perfect shot every time. What beginning and expert archers should always remember to do is to keep on practicing. The more practice that goes into archery, or any sport, the better the outcome will be.

Archery Gear

The biggest barrier to entry involved in starting archery is the amount of gear that must be purchased. Luckily, there are many packages that include everything a beginner would need at a reasonable price. Or, if that is out of the price range, many archery ranges rent out gear. The following is the basic gear that will get a beginner started with archery.

  • Bow

    There are many different types of bows depending on what type of shooting is being done. The most popular are compound bows and recurve bows.

  • Arrows

    Arrows are made from many different materials. The most common are fiberglass, carbon fiber, aluminum, and wood. It’s a great idea to try a few different arrows to see what suits best.

  • Target

    Archery targets are usually bulky, sturdy chunks of foam that can handle many different arrow impacts. Most ranges will supply targets, but they can be purchased or made for home use.

  • Arm guard

    This very important piece of gear protects the sensitive skin on the archer’s inner forearm. This relatively cheap piece of gear fits over the inside of the arm to protect it from getting grazed by the bowstring upon shooting.

  • Release tabs or gloves

    These help to keep the arrow steady on the bowstring while drawing, and help to give a smoother release.

  • Quiver

    This is the satchel that holds an archer’s arrows at the ready. Traditional quivers are worn on the back, like Robin Hood. However, there are more modern quivers that hold arrows at the hip or whether the archer feels most comfortable having it positioned.

Seasons for Archery

Another terrific thing about archery is that it can be done indoors and out. That makes it a great sport any time of the year. Indoor shooting ranges can be found across the country, so poor weather can’t stop the bows from flying. Even outdoors when it is hot, since archery isn’t an overly strenuous activity, it usually doesn’t become too physically exhausting in the lower levels of competition. Outdoor season for archery typically begins in April and goes until August. The fact that archery is not generally effected by the weather makes it great for every season and location.

Bryce Canyon Winter Festival

The Bryce Canyon Winter Festival, which is a wonderful event held by local business Ruby’s Inn, has so much to offer to everyone in attendance. There are a ton of different outdoor activities, like skiing, snowshoeing, and even yoga. There are also arts and crafts classes, seminars, and other unique skill building activities. Also available at the winter festival is an archery clinic as well as an archery biathlon. These events are a wonderful treat for those in the archery world.

Archery Clinic

Bryce Canyon Winter Festival Archery ClinicThe archery clinic has so much to offer to beginner and experienced archers. During this festival, there is an archery clinic, taught by experienced archers, that can be very beneficial to archers of every level. This clinic goes through the basics of archery as listed above, but also allows the instructor to give one-on-one advice to every person in attendance. Those learning to shoot and those just practicing their skills will love all that the archery clinic during the Bryce Canyon Winter Festival can offer. It will even help archers prepare for the archery biathlon held during the winter festival.

Archery Biathlon

This biathlon is inclusive to all ages, with groups being split up as twelve years old and younger and thirteen years old and older. This allows everyone a fair shot as they compete in this exciting competition.
The biathlon at the Bryce Canyon Winter Festival is an event where competitors will complete a cross country skiing journey with multiple places to shoot along the way. For the younger age group, the biathlon is a total of two kilometers, which is about one and a half miles. The older age group will compete on a six-kilometer course, equivalent to three and three-quarters of a mile. These courses are set up to be both challenging and fair for every competitor.
Competing in the biathlon for archery in Bryce Canyon at the Winter Festival is a fantastic way for archers to meet new people with similar interests, improve their archery skills, and feed their competitive spirit in a fun environment.

Enjoy the Best of Archery in Bryce Canyon and Zion

Archery has come a long way from the teenage summer camp days. Archery is quickly becoming one of the coolest sports to compete in. The fact that this sport is accessible to everyone, helps build life skills, and is both competitive and fun makes it a standout choice for all ages. Once the basics are understood and the sport is practiced, it can be a life changing experience. Enjoying archery in Zion National Park or Bryce Canyon National Park is one of the most exciting experiences a person can have.
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