ATV Trails in Bryce canyon

Riding ATVs is one of the most exciting activities to do not only in Bryce Canyon but anywhere in the world. There is nothing that compares to the experience of speeding along winding trails, conquering rough terrain, and taking in a 360-degree view of the landscape. The experience of riding an ATV is truly mesmerizing.

Bryce Canyon has many exciting features that make it a terrific place to ride ATVs for both beginners and pros. There are many trails to explore, year-round riding opportunities, and lots more. When planning a trip to Bryce Canyon, visitors should be sure to check out the ATV adventures available so they do not miss out on the time of their life.


Trails to Explore

There are dozens of different trails to explore in Bryce Canyon and the surrounding area. These trails range in sizes, difficulty, and locations. Riders can be sure that no matter which trail they are on, they will have beautiful views, overcome exciting challenges, and create memories that they will never forget.

Dave’s Hollow Loop

The series of loops and trails that make up Dave’s Hollow Loop make this loop the most versatile in the area. Riders can take one or two small loops, spending and hour or less on the trail, or they can ride all of the loops throughout Dave’s Hollow. By riding a series of loops, riders can spend the whole day on this trail alone, always seeing different views and riding over different terrains. For both inexperienced and experienced riders, a ride through Dave’s Hollow Loop will be fantastic.

King Creek Loop

This exciting loop is about twenty miles long and takes most riders approximately one hour from start to finish. King Creek Loop offers amazing views all along the Sevier River, as well as the thrill of going through pine forests. This is a great ride for those who wish to spend a little bit of time out on an ATV adventure while taking in the extraordinary Bryce Canyon landscape.

Coyote Hollow Loop

The occasionally rough terrain of Coyote Hollow Loop is part of what makes this ride so exciting. This trail is the same length of King Creek, at just over twenty miles, but it offers many different exciting views. Riders will wind through impressive forests, near the Sevier River, and past a variety of wildlife. Those who ride on Coyote Hollow should keep their eyes open for deer, pronghorn, and small woodland creatures. The combination of challenging terrain, scenic views, and wildlife encounters make Coyote Hollow Loop a can’t-miss trail in Bryce Canyon.

Fremont ATV Trail

This expansive trail encompasses much more than just Bryce Canyon. The Fremont ATV Trail is sixty-eight miles long one way, which takes the average rider around four-and-a-half hours to complete. The moderately challenging terrain of this trail makes it perfect for more experienced riders who would love to take a long ATV trip through the most beautiful landscapes of Utah. From ponderosa pines to stunning red rock. The Fremont ATV Trail has everything an ATV rider could dream of.

Badger Creek Loop

This exciting trail is full of twists, turns, and challenging obstacles. It runs for twenty-five miles, which takes most riders about an hour and a half to complete. Badger Creek Loop runs through incredible forests, the red rock, and other scenery that Bryce Canyon is famous for, and leads riders through many wildlife hotspots. Badger Creek Loop is a great way to spend some time out on the trails near Bryce Canyon.

Riding Through the Seasons

The changing seasons of Bryce Canyon turn the landscape into a completely different area every few months. From snow-covered rocks to changing leaves, visitors will be afforded many different views depending on what time of year they visit. Though some weather can be severe, like heavy snow, thunderstorms, and flash floods, for the most part, visitors and go on an ATV adventure during every season in Bryce Canyon.

The best seasons to ride are summer and fall. These seasons offer moderate temperatures, low risk of severe weather, and the land is beautiful. These two seasons are usually the busiest in Bryce Canyon because the area is just so perfect during these times. The wildlife is out and active, the foliage is either fresh and green in summer or warm oranges and reds in the fall. Summer and fall will offer riders an incredible ATV experience in the Bryce Canyon area.

Riders can also choose to ride during the spring or winter. Spring usually brings wet weather and temperatures can be a bit chilly, but riders who dress appropriately and watch out for ice and floods can have a wonderful time on the trails in spring. Winter often brings snow and ice, so riders should be careful on the trails, especially after a heavy snow or a deep freeze. Riding through winter offers a completely different view of the Bryce Canyon area that will be absolutely unforgettable.

No matter which season riders choose for their ATV adventure, they will not be disappointed with a ride through Bryce Canyon. Winter, spring, summer, and fall, this gorgeous area has everything riders could wish for and more.

Best Gear for the Ride

To make sure their ride is a fun and safe one, riders should always be sure to have the proper gear. ATV rental and tour companies will likely have most of the necessary gear so that no rider goes onto the trails unprepared. Below is a list of the essential gear riders should have to make sure their ATV adventure is safe and exciting.

  • Helmet

    Riders should protect their head at all times. There are sharp rocks, low branches, and long falls that could cause serious injury to riders who are not wearing helmets.

  • Goggles

    Dirt, dust, and stones are frequently kicked up by other riders. Also, flying bugs and floating debris can make their way into a rider’s eyes. To avoid being temporarily unable to see or suffering severe eye damage, riders should always wear goggles.

  • Sturdy Shoes

    Shoes that cover the entire foot, not sandals or slip-on shoes, are necessary for a safe ride.

  • Clothes That Covers Skin

    Protecting the skin from the overhanging brush, flying rocks, and the hot sun will require clothing that covers and protects arms and legs. For riders out in the open, a short-sleeved shirt may be acceptable.

  • Water

    Staying hydrated on an ATV adventure is very important. The energy exerted and the warm weather can leave riders feeling very thirsty very fast.

  • Map

    To avoid getting lost, wandering onto private or park property, or taking the wrong trail, all riders should have a map and know how to read it. This will ensure a journey free of unnecessary danger or surprises.

There may be other things that riders like to have on their trip, like snacks for a long ride or gloves for rides through brushy areas. Riders can consult with a local ATV specialist to gain more insight on what items they should bring along.

Get Out and Get Going

An ATV ride in the Bryce Canyon area will be one of the most thrilling experiences many visitors have while in the area. ATV rides combine adventure, bravery, and scenic beauty in a way that no other activity can. Those visiting Bryce Canyon should be sure not to miss out on an epic ATV adventure.