How Bryce Canyon Got It’s Name

How did Bryce Canyon get it's name? Ebenezer Bryce

How did Bryce Canyon get it’s name? Sometime in the 1850’s, scouts were sent by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) to assess the land for it’s potential agricultural and grazing use. In 1872, U.S. Army Major John Wesley Powell and his expedition explored the area. Mormon pioneers soon came to settle the area. In 1873, the … Read More

Experience Kodachrome Basin by Horseback

Located just a few miles east of Bryce Canyon is Kodachrome Basin, one of Utah’s hidden Gems! With it’s red tinged rock formations contrasting against the bright blue Utah Skies, it is no wonder the National Geographic Society came up with the name Kodachrome, after the Kodak Film Corp. It was officially opened to the public as a state park … Read More

National Park Week 2019 in Bryce Canyon

National Park Week 2019 Bryce Canyon

It’s National Park Week! Howdy! Did you know about National Park Week 2019 in Bryce Canyon? It’s happening right now, April 20th – April 28th, throughout the whole country. Because of this, now is a great time to visit Bryce Canyon National Park and celebrate! What is National Park Week? President Donald Trump has proclaimed April 20 through April 28, … Read More

Closest Airport to Bryce Canyon National Park

Closest Airport to Bryce Canyon

Planning a trip to Bryce Canyon National Park? Are you a frequent flyer? Flights to Bryce Canyon probably won’t be what you’re expecting. There are many ways to get to Bryce, but this is the closest airport to Bryce Canyon. Located in Cedar City, Utah, about 1.5 hrs from Bryce Canyon National Park. The Cedar City Regional Airport has a … Read More

Senator Elizabeth Warren visits Utah, pledging changes to Bears Ears Monument

Bears Ears National Monument in Utah

Presidential hopeful, Senator Elizabeth Warren stoped in Utah on Wednesday to discuss her plans for public-lands as well as a promise to restore the broader protection for two of Utah’s national monuments if she were elected president. Warren’s plan sets her apart as one of the few Democratic candidates who have addressed the topic of public lands. Senator Warren stated … Read More

Trails reopening for hikers

Bryce Canyon Winter weather

As of Monday, April 1st, two trails have reopened for hikers in Bryce Canyon National Park. The Fairyland Loop and the Tower Bridge Trail have both been closed due to winter conditions, but have been reopened to the public. The National Park Services warns for guests visiting the park to be aware of their surroundings while hiking, and to stay … Read More

Bryce Canyon in the Snow – not for long!

Bryce Canyon in the snow

Bryce Canyon has had A LOT of snow this winter! The entire state of Utah has received above average precipitation. Bryce Canyon sits in the Upper Sevier watershed basin which has seen a 167% increase in snow this winter. Though some hikes may be limited or closed, Bryce Canyon National Park is absolutely stunning when blanketed in snow. With spring … Read More

Hiking Safety Tips for Bryce Canyon

Hiking Safety Tips in Bryce Canyon

Hiking may seem like a simple activity and generally it is. However, if the right precautions aren’t taken – should-be relaxing hikes can turn into painful nightmares. Now, there’s no need to fear as long as you take the right steps to avoid possible problems. Check out our Hiking Safety Tips for Bryce Canyon below. The number one danger in … Read More

Bryce Canyon 2019 Shuttle Schedule

Bryce Canyon Shuttle 2019 Schedule

Scheduled bus service into and throughout Bryce Canyon National Park starting April 5th. Visitors can ride the Bryce Canyon Shuttle for free with a park pass or entrance permit. In the early season shuttles will operate every 15 minutes starting at 8:00 AM at the shuttle station in Bryce Canyon City. The last bus going into the park will depart … Read More

Bryce Canyon Winter Festival: Celebrate the Magic of Winter

BRYCE CANYON CITY – Question: What do you do when winter seems to be dragging on forever and you have a holiday weekend coming up? Answer: You embrace the beauty of the season and head to Bryce Canyon Winter Festival. Hosted by Ruby’s Inn at the gateway to Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah, Winter Festival is an annual celebration … Read More