Hiking Safety Tips for Bryce Canyon

Hiking Safety Tips in Bryce Canyon

Hiking may seem like a simple activity and generally it is. However, if the right precautions aren’t taken – should-be relaxing hikes can turn into painful nightmares. Now, there’s no need to fear as long as you take the right steps to avoid possible problems. Check out our Hiking Safety Tips for Bryce Canyon below. The number one danger in … Read More

Bryce Canyon 2019 Shuttle Schedule

Bryce Canyon Shuttle 2019 Schedule

Scheduled bus service into and throughout Bryce Canyon National Park starting April 5th. Visitors can ride the Bryce Canyon Shuttle for free with a park pass or entrance permit. In the early season shuttles will operate every 15 minutes starting at 8:00 AM at the shuttle station in Bryce Canyon City. The last bus going into the park will depart … Read More

Bryce Canyon Winter Festival: Celebrate the Magic of Winter

BRYCE CANYON CITY – Question: What do you do when winter seems to be dragging on forever and you have a holiday weekend coming up? Answer: You embrace the beauty of the season and head to Bryce Canyon Winter Festival. Hosted by Ruby’s Inn at the gateway to Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah, Winter Festival is an annual celebration … Read More

Trails close due to Avalanche Danger in Bryce Canyon

Avalanche Danger and Trail Closure in Bryce Canyon

National Park officials have closed all trails below the rim in Bryce Canyon National Park while they monitor unstable snow conditions after the weekend’s storms. In a statement released on Twitter on Monday, the Park Services stated the following: “Unstable snow conditions and avalanche possibilities resulting from this weekend’s continuing winter storm have required the temporary closure of all trails … Read More

Utah prepares for a prolonged government shutdown

Fresh snow in Bryce Canyon National Park

As the government shutdown continues into its fourth week, Utah officials stated that the state is in “decent” shape but won’t be able to help keep federal programs open long term. In a statement released to the Deseret News on Monday, Kristen Cox, executive director of the Governor’s Office of Management and Budget stated, “We are not in position to … Read More

NPS Releases Statement on Protecting National Parks

Best hikes for the sunset at Bryce Canyon

In a statement released on Sunday, January 6, the National Park Service stated it is taking the step of dipping into entrance fees to help pay for staffing at highly visited parks as the partial government shutdown continues.  Deputy Director of the National Park Service, P. Daniel Smith, stated that the money taken would be used to help bring in … Read More

Southern Utah Tourism Summit set for 2019

Southern Utah Tourism Summit 2019

In an effort to help gather those working in and involved in everything tourism related in Southern Utah, the 2nd annual Southern Utah Tourism Summit is set to take place in Cedar City Utah on March 28 & 29. This year’s focus for the summit is to provide an opportunity for those in the tourism industry to collaborate and build … Read More

Funding for National Parks from the State of Utah to end on Dec. 31

Bryce Canyon National Park sign

Funding to keep three National Parks open during the federal government shutdown will end on December 31st. According to a report released by FOX 13 Thursday morning, Utah State Treasurer David Damschen stated that the current daily spend by the state to keep Bryce, Zion and Arches National parks is roughly $10,000. These funds are being used to keep custodial … Read More

Ring in the New Year at Bryce Canyon

New Year celebration at Ruby's Inn in Bryce Canyon

The Holiday Season is finally here! With it comes the hustle and bustle of getting everything crossed off of those to-do lists and wish lists. Towns feel more crowded as the New Year approaches. While the city life might be increasing this holiday season, the calm of Bryce Canyon offers an amazing escape from it all. Winter time in Bryce … Read More

Winter in Bryce

Fresh snow in Bryce Canyon National Park

Winter in Bryce No crowds, beautiful scenery, and exciting winter activities, Bryce Canyon has everything winter travelers could ask for. While visiting Bryce Canyon in winter, guests will find that the weather is manageable, especially if they are prepared for the climate, and there are many exciting winter activities to enjoy. Rather than feeling the need to take vacation time … Read More