National Park Services cut Fee Free Days for 2018

The National Park Services announced on Tuesday that the number of free admission days to National Parks are being cut back in 2018. This move follows the rise in entrance fees to 118 of the 417 national parks in the US, with 17 of the 118 entrance fees being raised as high as $70. In 2016, 16 days were considered … Read More

Rep. Chris Stewart Announces new Utah National Parks

On Wednesday, Representative Chris Stewart (R-Utah) introduced the Grand Staircase Escalante Enhancement Act (H.R. 4558) which would create a 6th National Park, the Escalante Canyons Park & Preserve. Stewart Stated in a press release posted on Wednesday, “There is a reason I live in Utah. I love it here! I love to ski. I love to hike and rock climb. … Read More

President Trump Modifies Grand Staircase and Bears Ears National Monuments

President Trump signed two executive orders on Monday which are significantly shrinking the size of two Utah National Monuments – Bears Ears & the Grand Staircase-Escalante. The executive orders followed a review in April which was conducted by Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, who looked into the boundaries of more than two dozen national monuments. The executive orders will reduce Bears … Read More

Juniper Berries

The Common Juniper and the Rocky Mountain Juniper are both found in Bryce Canyon National Park. These juniper species produce berries which have many purposes in cooking and other uses. Looking in cool, shady areas below the rim of the canyon is the best place to find these conifers. Once the plant is found, the berries, which are actually cones, … Read More

Bryce Canyon Grand Hotel

Bryce Canyon Grand Hotel Lodging at Bryce Canyon has come a long way from the tents and wagons that were available to visitors in the early 1900s when tourism began in Bryce Canyon. The area has grown so much that Bryce Canyon is now home to a beautiful, sprawling hotel called Bryce Canyon Grand Hotel. The word ‘grand’ fits this … Read More

Public Comment Period on the Peak-Season Entrance Fee Now Open

There is a proposal up in the air that would increase the price of admission in 17 national parks to over double, in some cases nearly triple, of what they are currently. These increases would only be in effect during the busiest times of the year, usually from May until September. To gain the public’s opinion on this matter, there … Read More

Bryce Canyon Inn- Your Gateway to Adventure

Summertime never seems to last as long as you would like it to. Neighbors and friends are back from adventures with their families and you may have not even managed an outing all summer. With the new school year and fall closing in, planning one last summer adventure may seem impossible to figure out. The good news is that there … Read More

Price of Senior National Park Passes Increases Eightfold

For seniors who enjoy exploring the many national parks this country has to offer, the price will soon be going up. For years, a lifetime pass has been available to purchase. This pass allows seniors to have access to a variety of locations across the country, including America’s national parks. This convenient pass has been available for $10 for a … Read More

Pet Lovers and Bryce — What to Expect

National Parks and Pets- Bryce Canyon National Park One of the great things about having pets is sharing new experiences with them. Taking them along on a road trip or even just exploring a new dog park can be as exciting for them as it is for their owner. Since pets are considered part of the family for most people, … Read More

Five Fun, Free Ways to Celebrate National Park Week

National Park Week is approaching fast, which means visitors will come from far and wide to see the National Parks on their bucket list. Beginning April 15th and ending April 23rd, the National Park Service will be celebrating National Park week. National Park Week is especially good news for frugal outdoor enthusiasts since National Park Week Weekends mean park entry … Read More