Bryce Canyon in the Snow – not for long!

Bryce Canyon in the snow

Bryce Canyon has had A LOT of snow this winter! The entire state of Utah has received above average precipitation. Bryce Canyon sits in the Upper Sevier watershed basin which has seen a 167% increase in snow this winter.

Though some hikes may be limited or closed, Bryce Canyon National Park is absolutely stunning when blanketed in snow. With spring upon us, temperatures are rising and the snow will soon be melted, so enjoy it while you can! Another thing to keep in mind is that the Park is much less crowded in winter and spring compared to the summer. So you'll beat the heat as well as the traffic.

Remember to be careful when hiking in snow. Perhaps the most dangerous aspect of hiking in cold, wet conditions is ice. When the snow melts on a trail, it mixes with the ground and becomes muddy. This mud however, can still freeze and be very difficult to recognize as icy. Be sure to wear the right footwear and always watch your step! 

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