Bryce Canyon Winter Festival 2020

Bryce Canyon Winter Festival at Ruby's Inn 2020

Winter Festival in Bryce Canyon

Just like any other National Park, Bryce Canyon is most popular in the summer. But what happens in Bryce Canyon in the winter months? Over President’s Day weekend, the annual Bryce Canyon Winter Festival brings athletes, families and adventurous tourists out of hibernation.

When is the Winter Festival?

The Bryce Canyon Winter Festival will take place on President’s Day weekend – February 15th, 16th and 17th. There will be a variety of activities happening throughout each day. Check out the Winter Festival schedule for more details!

Ruby's Inn at Bryce Canyon

Activities at the Festival

There’s for for all, in the snow and indoors! Activities will include cross country ski tours, cookie decorating, ski clinic for adults & kids, stargazing, yoga, snowshoe hiking, watercolor painting, hot air balloon glow and more! For activity descriptions, click here. Last year, our friend Holly Reina and her family joined in on the fun. She wrote an awesome article about her experience! Check it out!

Bryce Canyon in the Snow

If you’ve never seen Bryce Canyon in the snow, you’re missing out! You might think that snow would make for an unpleasant trip to Bryce Canyon, but that’s far from the truth. When Bryce Canyon is blanketed in white snow, the red and orange hoodoos pierce through, making for breathtaking views loved by photographers for many years. Check out photographer Joseph C. Filer’s Bryce Canyon winter shots.

Bryce Canyon Winter Weather

Be sure to dress warm! Bryce Canyon sits at an elevation of about 7,600 ft above sea level. Temperatures get below freezing and there’s lots of snow! Remember sun glasses too, sunshine reflecting off the snow can be hard on the eyes. As always, when driving in winter weather be cautious of icy roads.

For more info on the Bryce Canyon Winter Festival, visit the Ruby’s Inn Winter Festival page.



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