Closest Airport to Bryce Canyon National Park

Closest Airport to Bryce Canyon
Looking for the closest airport to Bryce Canyon National Park?

Planning a trip to Bryce Canyon National Park? Are you a frequent flyer? Flights to Bryce Canyon probably won't be what you're expecting. There are many ways to get to Bryce, but this is the closest airport to Bryce Canyon.

Cedar City Regional Airport

Located in Cedar City, Utah, about 1.5 hrs from Bryce Canyon National Park. The Cedar City Regional Airport has a connection to the Salt Lake City International Airport. You can fly to Salt Lake City from most cities in America and many throughout the world.

Bryce Canyon Airport

Don't be fooled, the Bryce Canyon Airport is not a regular travel airport, but a tourist airport, more like an air strip for bush planes and helicopters. From this airport you can take amazing tours over Bryce Canyon, but don't expect to get a flight from LA. The Garfield County Airport Hangar at Bryce Canyon Airport was built in 1936 by the Works Progress Administration. This hangar is a very unique log style hangar, built with local ponderosa pines. This hangar can usually be seen from the road on the way to Bryce Canyon, thanks to it's rustic, yellow painted words on the metal roof, "Bryce Canyon Airport".

Flying to McCarran (Las Vegas) or Salt Lake City

Quite often visitors to Bryce Canyon come by way of a bus, rental car or shuttle from Las Vegas or Salt Lake City. But, how far is Las Vegas from Bryce Canyon? The drive from Las Vegas to Bryce Canyon takes close to 4 hours. How far is Salt Lake City from Bryce Canyon? Salt Lake City is also just about 4 hours away form Bryce Canyon. So, while these are good options of traveling to the park, they are not the nearest airports to Bryce Canyon. Cedar City is the closest airport to Bryce Canyon, followed by the St. George Regional Airport.

What to do in Bryce Canyon

If your plan is to fly to Bryce Canyon National Park - the closest airport is the Cedar City Regional Airport, but how do you travel inside the Park? One option is the FREE Bryce Canyon Shuttle. Check out the 2019 Shuttle Schedule. Now that you've got your travel plans figured out, what do you do in the Park? Bryce Canyon offers all kinds of memorable activities and experiences. From food to shopping, to classic western shows, horseback riding and of course, world-class hiking. There's A LOT to do in Bryce Canyon!

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