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Seeing the gorgeous Zion landscape is a big reason that many people travel to the area. The unique red rock, impressive natural formations, and overall beauty of the land is truly breathtaking.
There are many ways to see Zion. Visitors hike, ride, and climb their way along the terrain to catch glimpses of the most popular sites. It can take weeks to experience all the different popular areas in Zion. However, there is a way to see the entire landscape in one quick visit.
Going on a Zion helicopter tour is the fastest, most exciting, and most beautiful way to take in the beauty of Zion. Those who are brave enough to fly alongside the birds will be rewarded with the most incredibly gorgeous experience of their life.
Helicopter tours through Zion have many different flight routes, offer many unique sights, and are available for much of the year. A helicopter ride to view Zion will be the most memorable part of the entire trip.

Flying Routes

Where guests choose to fly will depend on what they would like to see and how long they would like to be in the air. Generally, the longer the flight the higher the cost. But the return on investment in the form of memories and experiences during these great tours, no matter which one is chosen, is immeasurable.

Virgin River Flights

Flights along the Virgin River can be fifteen or thirty miles round trip. They give flyers an impressive view of the more popular areas in Zion National Park. While the helicopter is not able to fly over the park itself, the views from the edge of the Virgin River are truly remarkable. During the tour, there will be views of gorgeous red rock formations, sand dunes, and more. The fifteen-mile tour takes about ten to fifteen minutes and the thirty-minute flight takes about eighteen to twenty-two minutes. Both are a great choice for a quick scenic tour of the area.

Snow Canyon Tour

This forty-five-mile long tour leads passengers over Sand Hollow Reservoir, above the town of St. George, and over to Snow Canyon. The views on this tour are some of the best geological views one could hope for. There are amazing areas with geologically recent lava flows, gorgeous rock formations, and much more. This twenty-five to thirty-minute experience is packed full of gorgeous sights around the Zion area.

Zion Tours

There are many different helicopter rides that can be taken to see the Zion area. Passengers can choose between the forty-five-mile, seventy-mile, and ninety-mile tour which encompass the Zion area as well as many other parts of Southern Utah. These tours lead to Springdale, which is known as the “Gateway to Zion,” and then the helicopter will fly along the perimeter of Zion National Park. This makes is so that, even though tours are not allowed directly in the park, passengers can see all that the park has to offer.

Southwestern Utah Tour

The Southwestern Utah tour is the longest tour that can be taken in a helicopter. These tours will fly along the most scenic, unique, and beautiful areas of Utah. This one-hundred-mile-long tour last approximately one hour and will take passengers to all the best places in Southwestern Utah. Some of the views that flyers will see include Gooseberry Mesa, Sand Hollow and Quail Creek Reservoirs, St. George, the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve, Snow Canyon, Smith Mesa, Springdale, Zion Canyon, Canaan Mountain Wilderness, and much more. Flying over these cities, towns, and locations in the wilderness gives passengers a completely different perspective on the land. This is the best tour for those wanting to see as much of the land as possible during a visit to Utah.

Sites to See

Besides the thrill of flying through the sky, the main thing that a helicopter tour has to offer is an incredible view of the area. Thanks to the vastness of the landscape, guests will be able to see for miles during their helicopter tour. While the entire view is stunning, there are some certain sites that riders should be aware of during their flight.

Gorgeous Landscape

The unique, vast, and gorgeous landscape of the Zion area is responsible for bringing tons of travelers each year. This landscape, while incredible from the ground, is even more impressive from the sky. The entire area can be seen from a helicopter and the land stretches for miles. Helicopter rides provide a view of this incredible area for as far as the eye can see.

Rock Formations

The impressive and unique rock formations of the Zion area are a huge reason why people travel here. The canyons, cliffs, and many other prehistoric geological landmarks are easy to see during a Zion helicopter ride. Depending on the route traveled, passengers will have a chance to see Zion Canyon, Snow Canyon, Gooseberry Mesa, and so much more. Viewing these amazing formations from the sky gives a completely different perspective on their beauty.


Seeing the unique wildlife during a flight through the Zion area is a wonderful experience. Since flyers will be high above the land, they can watch the wildlife as they go about their day undisturbed. It is more likely to see wildlife while approaching the Virgin River, but the animals of Zion can be seen anywhere throughout the flight.

When to Fly

Every season in Zion has something spectacular to offer guests. Since this area experiences all four seasons, the views are constantly changing. The season that flyers pick for their helicopter tour will depend on personal preference, but no matter what they pick the views will be unbeatable. As long as the weather is safe enough for flying, visitors should be able to go up in the helicopter for the tour of a lifetime.


Winter is a beautiful time of year in the Zion area. Some days, the ground is covered in a glistening blanket of snow and ice. On other days, there is no snow but the cold temperatures change the look of the rock, making them seem to glow in the cold air. A flight over Zion in the winter will transport riders to an unbelievable winter wonderland.


Spring is a time of growth and life in Zion. As the temperatures rise, plants begin to blossom and wildlife is born. There is so much to see as the buds begin to appear and the animals make their way onto the warming rocks after a long winter. The views in the spring are unlike any other season in Zion.


The hottest time of the year in Zion, summer brings with is a completely different feeling. The hot sun bounces off the red rocks, giving the area a pinkish glow, especially at sunset. Foliage is in full bloom and the wildlife is extremely active. Riders will see a variety of exciting views during a helicopter ride in the summer.


Many people flock to Zion during the fall for the picturesque landscape. As the foliage changes colors, the red and orange leaves compliment the gorgeous red rocks. The temperatures are mild and comfortable, making every activity, especially helicopter rides, even more enjoyable. A helicopter ride through Zion in the fall will provide an endless amount of incredible views and memories.

When to Fly

One of the great things about taking a helicopter tour is that it doesn’t require any extra gear. The main things that passengers will need to have are the willingness to take in the beautiful scenery and the courage to fly above the landscape. However, the following is a small list of extras that some passengers may like to have during their flight.



Weather Appropriate Clothing


The Birds-Eye View that Can’t be Beat

By seeing the Zion National Park area by helicopter, flyers will receive a view of the area better than any other. By seeing the landscape from far away, they will be able to really take in and enjoy everything that makes this landscape so beautiful. Whether a helicopter tour is short or long, flies over one location or many, or is done in any of the seasons, the flight will be a truly memorable experience.