Horseback riding near Bryce Canyon is one of the most unique and exhilarating experiences you can have. There is no other activity that offers so much in such a short amount of time. When you choose to go horseback riding, you will have the chance to form a bond with your horse and take in the beautiful scenery. You will put trust in your horse to get you through your ride safely. You will firm a connection with nature and find inner peace as you ride along Bryce Canyon and the surrounding areas. Horseback riding near Bryce has so much to offer, so start your adventure now.

Whether you have never ridden a horse or have been riding for years, you can find enjoyment on horseback in Bryce Canyon. There are many different options to choose from when looking for the perfect ride. There are different types of rides, varying durations, and many different routes to take. These options make your trip completely customizable, so you can have the best experience possible.

Types of rides

The most common types of rides people like to take are the two and four hour long rides. However, some riding companies offer longer rides, like the half- and full-day riding experience. As a rule, you should choose a ride that suits your abilities and endurance. If you have never been horseback riding, you should start out slow with a two-hour ride. If you are a very experienced rider, you may prefer challenging yourself with a day-long ride. No matter which rides you’re comfortable with, you can be sure you will get to see and explore all of Bryce Canyon.

Short Tours

You can take tours as short as one hour with the riding businesses near Bryce Canyon. These shorter tours are perfect for beginning riders. You will become familiarized with the basics of riding before you depart. Then, you will ride along a trail that is not very difficult. This will allow you to concentrate on the gorgeous cliffs, hoodoos, and other scenery while your horse does all the hard work.

Mid-length Rides

If you would like to see a lot of Bryce Canyon, an hour-long ride may not be long enough for you. However, a full-day might be too demanding. There is a happy medium. The mid length rides at Bryce Canyon are the perfect length for exploring without exhausting yourself. You can ride for about three or four hours, on the rough or leisurely terrain. The difficulty of the ride will be determined by the route you would like to take. You will take a small rest and take in the scenic views. This is a perfect activity for the days where you would like to take a break from strenuous adventures.

Full-day Rides

This is the marathon of the horse-riding adventures. The all-day rides typically take between six and eight hours to complete. That’s like putting in a full day of work as a ranch hand. Taking this much time on horseback allows you to see everything there is to see in Bryce Canyon and beyond. You will get to take a break and have lunch, which is provided by some businesses. You will form a real bond with your horse and put your trust in him as he leads you through rough, and sometimes nerve-wracking, terrain. These all-day rides are not for beginners, do please do not embark on a long journey unless you have some riding experience under your belt. The all-day ride will be an incredible journey that you will never forget.

Wagon Rides

If you are visiting Bryce Canyon during the warmer months and would like to have an authentic western experience, but prefer not to ride horseback, a wagon ride may be perfect for you. Taking a wagon ride can be an exhilarating experience without the need to be in control of your own horse. For people who can’t ride horseback, which would be those under seven, people with chronic pain, or those afraid of riding on a horse, this is the perfect way to see the canyon without having to hike. Wagon rides will take you through the scenic landscape and allow you to take in the beauty of nature. This is a fantastic way to see Bryce Canyon.

Sleigh Rides

The sleigh rides are the same as the wagon rides, but are available in the cold, winter months. If there is snow on the ground, you can hop on the horse-drawn sleigh and ride through the winter wonderland. The views of Bryce Canyon are so magical with a dusting of snowfall. If you are in the area in winter, you won’t want to miss going on a sleigh ride.

There are many different routes that can be taken when horseback riding near Bryce. The route you will take is determined by the length of your ride, your experience, and the time of year you will be riding. If there is a certain route you would like to take, be sure to ask the professionals at the riding company you will be riding with about your options. No matter which route you take, you will experience Bryce Canyon in a way you never imagined. The following routes are the most commonly taken ones in Bryce Canyon, and are the best for getting the most out of your trip.

To the canyon floor and back

Taking the route to the canyon floor and back will allow you to see all the different rock formations and terrain that exist in Bryce Canyon. Viewing the area on horseback allows you to get up close to all the formations, as well. This gives you a better understanding of how they were formed over time.

Complete canyon tour

The complete canyon tour is just that, a complete tour of the canyon. You will start near the top and follow various trails to make your way to the floor of the canyon. You can even loop around a bit to take in all the views. The complete tour is much longer than the others, so generally, it would be best for more experienced riders. This tour is wonderful to take as a group because there will be so much to see, explore, and talk about during, and after, your adventure.

Peek-A-Boo Loop

This trail begins at Bryce Point and drops down to the canyon floor. It is a popular trail for hikers and horseback riders. The trail does have rough terrain, but the horses can navigate it easily. The trail is a strenuous one for hiking, so if you would like to take this trail, doing so on horseback is a great idea. This will allow you to take in the scenery without overexerting yourself.

When to ride

There is no wrong time to go horseback riding near Bryce Canyon. There is something spectacular about every season. In the spring and summer months, you will watch as the flora and fauna blossoms, the wildlife will be at its most active, and the temperature will be nice and warm. In the fall, the leaves are changing, which creates a gorgeous, picturesque landscape. The temperature is also cooler, which will make being outdoors more comfortable. In the winter, the snow begins to fall, which blankets the terrain. If you’ve visited Bryce Canyon during other times in the year, you will find that the winter looks completely different and so beautiful.

See Bryce Canyon in a unique way

When you ride on horseback near Bryce Canyon, you are making memories and having an experience that will last a lifetime. You will never forget the bond that you form with your horse as you explored the canyon. You will always treasure the memories of seeing the gorgeous canyons, hoodoos, and other formations from the floor of the canyon. You will always recall how amazing it felt to stand in the middle of history, and immerse yourself in nature. You will never feel more at peace than you will while riding a horse through Bryce Canyon.

The following are locations and companies offering horesback riding in Bryce Canyon National park, and are also in close proximity to Zion National Park and Other Parks as well.