The Only Ride IN Bryce Canyon!

Canyon Trail Rides

If you are looking to do something fun, unique, and exciting during your trip, horseback riding in Bryce Canyon is a great activity to try. When horseback riding, you will have a huge choice of where you get to ride and what type of ride you will take. Instead of having to ride trails outside of the National Parks, you’ll get to ride right through them.

Rides and trails

Southern Utah is home to the most gorgeous countryside imaginable. Gaping canyons and rough terrain are just a few of the incredible natural features. There are also dense, gorgeous forests, which have winding trails throughout. Most magnificent of all, there are rock formations, such as hoodoos, that are extremely unique. Each of the following areas offers something special to look forward to. Whether you ride for an hour or three, you will enjoy your time during your Canyon Trail horseback ride.

Bryce Canyon
Canyon Trail Rides is the only business that can take you horseback riding through the National Parks, rather than just riding outside of them. This is a spectacular opportunity to see Bryce Canyon the way it should be seen. Using your choice of two different trails, you will have the chance to get up close and personal with rock formations, canyons, waterways, and wildlife. All the while, your horse will do the hard work for you. There is truly no better way to explore Bryce Canyon.

Virgin River Ride

This two-hour long tour starts with a descent to the bottom of the canyon. After you have reached the floor, you will make a loop through historic rock formations. The loop takes you back to the rim of the canyon. From here, you will see the incredible views below and have the chance to take gorgeous photos. This is a great ride to see lovely scenery and have a leisurely ride.

Sand Bench Trail
Three hours of riding starts with a trip to the floor of the canyon. From there, you will ride along in the heart of Bryce Canyon. Be sure to pay attention to your guide along the way. They will be pointing out amazing areas such as the Wall of Windows, The Chessmen, Silent City, and the Bristle Cone Pine Trees. These views are the perfect opportunity to capture photos that will amaze those who have never visited Bryce Canyon.

Outside of Bryce Canyon
If you would like to expand your horizons and venture outside of Bryce Canyon, Canyon Trail Rides will happily accommodate you in other areas. There is so much to see in the surrounding areas of Bryce, it would be a shame to miss out on riding. By traveling just a short distance from Bryce Canyon, you can have a completely different and exciting horse or Mule ride. These National Parks are a terrific place to take in the sights and ride away from the daily bustle of life.

Zion National Park
Canyon Trail Rides offers a one and three-hour tour in Zion National Park. The one-hour ride will lead you along the Virgin River and past beautiful scenery and wildlife. This is a great opportunity to spend a little bit of time while taking in as much scenery as possible. They also have a three-hour tour which leads along Sand Bench Trail. This trail ascends to 500 feet, which provides a bird’s eye view of the incredible landscape of the Southern end of Zion.

Grand Canyon
Rather than ride on horseback, exploring the Grand Canyon requires a Mule. These smaller but sturdy animals are the perfect guides when riding through the steep terrain. You can choose from many different rides, depending on what you are looking to experience. There is a shorter, one hour long, ride which is perfect for getting a view without spending a lot of your day. If you have a little more time to explore, one of the three hour-long tours will be a great choice. These tours take you through the canyon and allow you to see the Grand Canyon up close. This is fantastic for those who want to see more of this amazing landmark than you can see from the rim.

Saddle up and head out

When people say that they had “the adventure of a lifetime,” they are often exaggerating. Rest assured, that horseback riding in Bryce Canyon truly is the adventure of a lifetime. You will look back on the memories you made during your trip and be grateful for the experience. The connection you will have with your horse is not easily forgotten. You will never be in another area that offers so much diversity in its landscape. Whether this is your first time visiting Bryce Canyon, or you’ve been here many times, you will be seeing the area in a completely different way when you view it from horseback.