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Red Canyon Trail Rides

There is something special, almost magical, about riding a horse. From high on horseback, you get beautiful views of all that surrounds you. The strength and steadiness of a horse as it carries you along the trails is a feeling that cannot be matched.

All this magical beauty is increased tenfold when you are riding with Red Canyon Trail Rides. While riding a horse is always an incredible experience, riding through the canyons while experts lead the way is as good as a ride can get.

You will begin at Bryce Canyon Pines and wind your way through amazing scenery. Then you will make your way through a forest full of towering Ponderosa Pines. As you look up, you will feel the history of the forest and landscape as they try to speak to you. Becoming one with nature has never been easier than it is when horseback riding in Bryce Canyon.

Ride lengths

The length of the ride you choose will depend on many things. If you are a beginner, you may want to start at an easier pace by choosing a half hour ride. However, if you would really like to take in all the sites possible, a longer journey may be a great choice. Whether you want to ride all day, or just for a little while, Red Canyon Trail Rides has the perfect ride for you.

Half hour rides
The shortest ride available, this is a great trip to take if you don’t have a lot of time. They are also wonderful for those who are not familiar with horseback riding and aren’t sure how much they’ll enjoy it.

One hour rides
The hour-long ride is the best choice for those who want to see a lot of Bryce Canyon, but do not have a full day to devote to the ride. You will get the wonderful experience while still being able to enjoy other activities in the same day.

Half day rides
This is the longest ride available for inexperienced riders. You will go along winding trails and explore the many different landscapes of Bryce Canyon. This is a fantastic journey to fill your day and create fantastic memories.

Full day rides
Full day rides are wonderful for an immersive riding experience. They are great for experienced riders who would like to see the area in the most unique way possible.

Where to ride

Bryce Canyon and the surrounding area has some if the most unique, breathtaking landscape in the world. You can go from being in the middle of a lush, dense forest to being surrounded by the red rock in a matter of minutes. This means that, no matter which trails you choose, you will see many diverse landscapes. Horseback riding through this impressive area is the perfect way to soak up all the beautiful sights offered.

The shorter rides will take you through historic Ponderosa Pine forests. The winding trails travel through the dense forest for a scenic, and easy, ride. As you look up, you will be stunned at how far the pines tower above you. There will be tons of photo opportunities and chances to see the fantastic wildlife of Red Canyon. A short ride through a forest is guaranteed to satisfy your need to horseback ride.

Canyon Trails
There are a variety of trails that travel through Red Canyon and along the rough terrain. You will ride alongside gorgeous red rock and gravity-defying hoodoos. These rock formations are truly amazing when you see them up close. As you ride along the rocky trails, you will truly appreciate the history of the Bryce Canyon area.

Thunder Mountain
Thunder Mountain trail is a special ride on the outer limits of Red Canyon. This ride is not for inexperienced riders. You will travel along steep cliffs and trust your horse to get you around the difficult terrain. The difficult ride is well worth it, because the views you will experience are unrivaled by any other area. If you are an experienced rider, you will not want to miss the Thunder Mountain trail ride.

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Helpful hints

With any activity, there are certain rules and standards that should be followed to have the best time. Even though horseback riding in Bryce Canyon is a relatively safe activity, it can be dangerous if proper guidelines aren’t followed. It is important, therefore, to know what these general rules are. The following are some things to consider and remember for your trail ride. By following these rules, and implementing the helpful tips, you can ensure that you have a terrific trail ride.

Age requirements

The youngest a child can be to ride is seven years old for some trails and nine years old for others. The shorter, half-hour-long rides are perfect for a younger kid that doesn’t have riding experience. Some trails, like the longer, more difficult rides, require a child to be at least nine years old and have some experience. If you have any questions about other age restrictions for specific trails, be sure to call and speak with a friendly staff member.

Experience requirements

While most trails can be ridden by inexperienced riders, there are more difficult areas that will require some skill. Specifically, the long ride, like the half and full day rides, are not suitable for those who have never been on a horse. If there is a ride you would like to go on but you are worried about a lack of experience, contact Red Canyon Rides.

Rules for riding

Your cowboy guide will go over all rules with you prior to your ride. However, there are a few that are extremely important to understand. The biggest rules are to stay on the trails, respect the horses, and listen to your guide. Wandering off the trails can damage the fragile ecosystem. Treating your horse in an inhumane manner is not only wrong, but could also result in injury to you and the horse. Lastly, your guide is a very knowledgeable and experienced person. By listening to everything they suggest and following instructions, you are ensuring that you and your horse will have a safe and fun trip.

Come prepared

One of the great things about horseback riding in Bryce Canyon is that the only real gear involved is you and your horse. The stable will provide your saddle, helmet, and any other gear necessary. However, it is important to come dressed appropriately and prepared for the day. You will need to have a shirt and pants that cover your body to protect from the sun and jagged landscape. You will also need a rugged, closed toe shoe that will be comfortable to wear throughout your ride. By coming ready to ride, all you must worry about is enjoying yourself.

The trails await

There is an incredible experience waiting to be discovered. Choosing to go horseback riding with Red Canyon Trail Rides is guaranteed to be the journey of a lifetime. Whether you’re riding for 30 minutes or all day, you will make so many fantastic memories. The trails you ride have more to offer than you could ever imagine. It would be a shame to miss out on this incredible trip on horseback.

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