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Kanab Zipline

The company that runs Kanab Zipline has been operating since the 1980’s. They pride themselves on giving customers a thrilling adventure that cannot be found anywhere else. Their location at Kanab takes riders on a beautiful tour above the stunning red rock, leaving a lasting memory of the area for all who choose to participate.
The things that make Kanab Zipline so incredible are the massive course and the amazing experience it provides. A zipline adventure in Kanab will be the highlight of any adventure in the Bryce Canyon area.

Experiencing Kanab Zipline

The Kanab Zipline adventure is an incredibly unique experience. To enjoy this journey, riders must book a reservation with Kanab Zipline during their open season. Ziplines only operate during warmer months, from late spring to mid-fall. It is important for those who wish to zipline at this amazing company to reserve their spot ahead of time. When reserving a spot online, guests can use the code ONLINE17 to save 10% on their adventure.
Guests should allow at least two and a half hours for their zipline adventure. This is the perfect amount of time to get to spend the day doing something exciting without feeling exhausted afterward. Ziplining is a wonderful activity to participate in and the course at Kanab Zipline is one of the best courses around.

About the Course

The course of Kanab Zipline is made up of four different zipline runs. To get to the zipline runs, riders will travel by 4×4 and do some very light hiking. Once they get to the platform, the fun on the course can begin.
The first run of the course begins at a staggering 5,280 feet of elevation. That’s about a mile above sea level. This run is a whopping 1.100 feet long and takes riders flying over the canyon at nearly forty miles per hour. This is the longest run of the course and is a great way to start the trip.
The second and third runs are each about four hundred feet long. The great thing about the third run is that it is a double run. That means that there are two runs that are parallel to each other. This allows riders to race one another along the landscape while they take in the gorgeous scenery together. These runs, with the second being a single run and the third being a double, take riders high above a gorgeous desert valley, making them a terrific way to gear up for the last leg of the journey.
The fourth and final run is another double run that allows riders to race each other. This run is an incredible 650 feet long. It takes riders along a mountain crossing and returns them near the base camp of the course. This final leg is a wonderful, high-flying way to finish off the zipline experience.

Important Information

There are a few rules and regulations that riders should know about when booking their Kanab Zipline adventure. Things like age, weight, and clothing choices are important things to consider before heading out.
The minimum age requirement for ziplining is eight years old. Anyone younger than eight at the time of the ride will not be permitted on the lines.
The minimum weight for riders is 70 pounds and the maximum weight is 270 pounds. Anyone who does not fall within this range will not be able to participate for their safety.
All riders should wear sturdy, fully-closed footwear. Boots or tennis shoes are preferred. Any rider wearing sandals, flip flops, or clogs will not be permitted on the runs.

Fly High Above the Beautiful Bryce Area

Flying above the pink cliffs and gorgeous red rock is an experience that riders won’t soon forget. If looking at the gorgeous Bryce Canyon landscape from the ground is breathtaking, imagine how stunning it will be from the air. Flying like a bird above these gorgeous desert rocks, canyons, valleys, and mountains is now a possibility thanks to Kanab Zipline.