Experience Kodachrome Basin by Horseback

Located just a few miles east of Bryce Canyon is Kodachrome Basin, one of Utah's hidden Gems! With it's red tinged rock formations contrasting against the bright blue Utah Skies, it is no wonder the National Geographic Society came up with the name Kodachrome, after the Kodak Film Corp. It was officially opened to the public as a state park back in 1963. 

Experience first hand the monolithic spires and chimneys, also known as sand pipes, that rise up from the valley floor and surrounding sandstone rocks and the Grosvenor Arch by horseback with the Kodachrome Park trail ride offered at Red Canyon Trail Rides.


About the Kodachrome Park Trail Ride

Start off your ride from the Panorama Trail and venture through the gorgeous red sandstone canyons while you ride pass the giant sand pipes that line the path. See first hand the combination of the various shades of yellow, pink, red, white and brown as you ride through the basin area. 

Choose from a one hour or two hour ride through the basin. Whether you're an experienced rider, or a beginner, the friendly guides and incredible horses at Red Canyon Trail rides are sure to make sure you have a ride that you'll remember. With over 60 years of experience in guiding trail rides, Red Canyon Trail rides knows what it takes to truly have a fun and memorable experience.

About Red Canyon Trail Rides

Red Canyon Trail Rides was founded in 1948 by Grandpa Rich and continues to be family owned and operated to help cary on his legacy and love of the area. Since its founding, the guides at Red Canyon Trail Rides have been showing visitors the beauty of Bryce Canyon that can only be appreciated from horseback. They offer a full service of vacation amenities as they partner with their sister company Bryce Canyon Pines. 

Each cowboy guide at Red Canyon Trail Rides will share some of the amazing history that can be found in the Bryce Canyon Area, including exciting adventures that include the famous outlaw Butch Cassidy and his history with the area. No matter which trail you chose to explore, or what level of experience you have with riding, you’re sure to have a memorable time discovering Bryce Canyon and the surrounding area the way it was meant to be explored; on horseback.

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