Pet Lovers and Bryce — What to Expect

What to expect with pets in Bryce Canyon National Park
National Parks and Pets- Bryce Canyon National Park
One of the great things about having pets is sharing new experiences with them. Taking them along on a road trip or even just exploring a new dog park can be as exciting for them as it is for their owner. Since pets are considered part of the family for most people, it’s understandable why so many visitors wish to bring their pets along during a trip to a National Park. However, no matter how well behaved the pet, the National Park Service urges guests to leave their furry friends at home.

The trouble with pets in parks
There are many reasons why it is best to make other arrangements for dogs or other pets during a trip to Bryce Canyon or other National Parks. In most cases, the risks and trouble of bringing them along far outweigh any benefits, so it is important to consider the reason why they should not travel to the park with their owners.

The predator scent
While to us our pets look like harmless little darlings, to the park wildlife they are a new, unknown predator. Dogs leave behind a ‘predator scent’ which can disrupt the activity of park wildlife for a long time before it dissipates. Since part of the reason for parks to exist is to protect the wildlife, disrupting it with the presence of a pet is ill advised.

Limited access to areas
In Bryce Canyon, which is one of the more lenient parks when it comes to dogs on the premises, there is a very limited selection of where owners can go with their pets. This means that visitors traveling with a dog or other animal will not get to experience the beauty of the area. Most guests come to Bryce specifically to explore the parks and having a pet as a hiking partner makes that impossible.

Rules for pets in Bryce
For visitors who would still like to bring their furry family member along with them to the park, there are some very important rules that must be followed. Failure to adhere to these rules can result in fines. To ensure that pets don’t cause any disruptions or issues, owners should always follow park rules for pets.

Stay in designated areas
There are certain areas in some parks that allow access to pets. In Bryce Canyon, these areas include all paved areas of the park. This includes campgrounds, paved roads, paved viewpoints and overlooks, and parking lots. One of pet owner’s favorite places for pups in the park is the paved trail between Sunset Point and Sunrise Point. It is important to follow all other rules while in designated areas of the park.

Pick up after pets
Waste from pets is not only disgusting, but it is also dangerous to leave in the park. Wild animals can contract and then spread deadly diseases from pet feces. It is important for pet owners to bring along waste bags and pick up all solid waste left behind by pets.

Maintain control of pets
All pets must be restrained during a trip to Bryce. This means they should be on a leash, no longer than six feet, or in a crate. Even when holding pets in arms they must have a leash on. Pets must always be attended to by their owners, which means they should never be tied to an object and left behind.

Never leave pets in cars
True pet lovers know that no matter what the temperature, leaving pets in cars is a big no-no. Even with windows cracked, the temperature in a car, even on a cool day, can soar into the nineties in less than an hour. The desert sun is hot, which spells danger for pets who are not used to the heat. Always make sure pets are hydrated and never, ever leave them alone in the car.

Pet lovers love Bryce
Even with all the restrictions, Bryce Canyon National Park is one of the more pet-friendly parks in Utah. Even though furry friends can’t enjoy all the adventures their humans do, they can still be a part if an unforgettable journey to Bryce.

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  1. I would also say don’t try to bs your way around the rules saying it’s a service dog when it’s not. Unfortunately some people are dishonest that way and will cause the need for tighter restrictions on people who really do need guide dogs.

  2. I would like to see more National Parks emulate Carlsbad Caverns where they have a place to kennel pets for a few hours at a reasonable price so that visitors with pets can better experience the beauty of our parks.

  3. We leave our dog in the car for periods of up to an honor, leaving the car and ac running. Been doing it for years.
    All it takes is common sense

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