Scenic Tours In Bryce Canyon

One of the many reasons people visit Southern Utah is to enjoy the gorgeous landscape. The unique blend of natural formations, lush forests, and stunning wildlife make it some of the most picturesque land in the world.

To see these gorgeous features, many people will hike, climb, or do other activities while taking in the scenic views. This is a great way to see the area, but there is a better way to experience Utahs beauty, and that is a scenic tour in Zion National Park or Bryce Canyon National Park. Scenic tours are ideal because guests can concentrate on the views during the entire trip.

Rather than be distracted by very strenuous hiking or climbing, all their attention is dedicated to taking in the natural beauty. There are many different types of scenic tours visitors can experience. The most popular are Jeep and ATV, hiking, horseback, and aerial tours. These tours are an amazing way to experience all of Bryce Canyon and Zion National Parks in a leisurely setting.

Types of Tours

The type of tour that visitors would like to take will depend greatly on what they would like to see and what their comfort level is. Each tour has great things to offer to visitors. Some may be more adventurous, while others help to connect more with nature. No matter which tour is chosen, it will be a memorable experience that guests will be talking about for a lifetime.

Jeep and ATV

Jeep and ATV tours are one of the more adventurous ways to discover the Southern Utah landscape. These tours can be fast and adrenaline pumping, slow and leisurely, or a mix of both.

For Jeep tours, a guide can drive the whole group along the countryside, climbing obstacles and driving along impressive views. Since those on the tour will be driven along by their guide, they have more opportunities to see the land without interruption. They can also take pictures as they go along.

On ATVs, everyone can ride their own or ride with passengers, depending on ages and capabilities. These are a more extreme way to see things and these tours allow the drivers to go as fast or slow as they like. They also give riders a great opportunity to enjoy a new recreational activity that they may not have tried otherwise.

Jeep and ATV tours are two of the fastest ways to see a lot of scenic beauty in Bryce and Zion. Riders can zip along the landscape while having an up close and personal view of all that makes Southern Utah gorgeous.


This is probably the most strenuous of tours a person can take, but it is well worth the extra effort. A hiking tour can lead guests through a variety of different landscapes, past exciting obstacles, and into unexpected encounters with unique wildlife.

Hiking tours are different than simply hiking along the landscape. While a nice hike through Bryce or Zion can be an eye-opening experience, a guided tour can be even more exciting. On hiking tours, experienced guides will lead groups through interesting areas that offer a lot of scenic views.

Tour guides know just where to go to give guests the best viewing experiences for the trip. They will know where the best views of popular landmarks are, have valuable information about the land, and be aware of how to stay safe while out on a hiking tour.

A hiking tour is a great way to get some exercise in the outdoors while seeing amazing sights. Hikers can take it slow as they explore and take in the views, really having the time to connect with nature and see all the beauty of the area. Hikers will enjoy taking pictures, learning about the land, and challenging themselves physically as they make their way across the beautiful but rugged terrain.


Horseback is a very popular way to go sightseeing in the Bryce Canyon and Zion areas. It is also one of the most unique ways to explore the land. Riding a horse brings riders back in time, creating an authentic western experience.

Not that long ago, horses played a large role in creating Utah and other western states. With their strength and hard work, they built the west. They carried cowboys, kept livestock in line, and hauled freight and other important materials. Horses are a huge part of western history, so getting to ride one while exploring the outdoors is a special experience.

Horseback riding scenic tours are very low impact and allow the rider to take in the scenery around them. As the horse does all the work, the guide will point out important structures and landmarks. Riders can stop frequently along the way, taking pictures while still on their horse.

There are many different companies to ride with in the Bryce and Zion areas. Each one will make sure to create a beautiful and scenic experience for sightseers. Riders can travel for just an hour, or spend the whole day riding and exploring. Any amount of time on horseback while sightseeing will be an unforgettable experience.


Anyone wanting to cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time should look no further than an aerial tour. Usually done in a helicopter, aerial tours give riders a birds-eye view of the gorgeous Utah landscape.

Since aircraft can cover so much ground in a short amount of time, riders can see many different popular areas in a really short amount of time. Within a few hours, guests can see multiple parks, including Bryce Canyon, Zion, and even the Grand Canyon.

Riders can fly anywhere from thirty miles to one hundred miles, depending on what they would like to see. There are many different routes to choose from, as well. Though riders won’t be able to get an up-close and personal look at special landmarks from the air, they will be able to see the area in a way that very few people have. These aerial tours give a completely different perspective on how beautiful Southern Utah truly is. To really appreciate the vast beauty of this landscape, it must be seen from the air.

Benefits of Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park Scenic Tours

There are so many great reasons to go on a guided scenic tour of this beautiful area. While many things can be seen by following popular guide booklets and talking to others about the best places to see, no one can give the Bryce and Zion experience like the professionals can.

A guided tour gives guests the chance to hear unique facts about the area. These guides can provide first-hand knowledge of the land. Rather than taking advice from visitors or travel books, they can get their information from informed locals.

Guided tours also allow visitors to see more of the area at once. Rather than trying to guess what the fastest route between popular areas is, tour guides can lead guests to exactly the right locations in a shorter amount of time. This allows for more sites to be seen in a shorter amount of time. Scheduling a scenic tour during a visit to Bryce or Zion is the best way to connect with the area and nature.

Book a Scenic Adventure Today

Booking a scenic tour through the incredible Southern Utah landscape is the best way to gain a true appreciation for how beautiful this part of the country is. Guests will be hard-pressed to find another location in the world that can offer so many incredible views. Whether seeing its majesty in a Jeep or ATV, on foot, on horseback, or in the air, guests will never forget the amazing views of Zion and Bryce.

Of all the activities to do in this area, a scenic tour is a can’t-miss adventure. Scenic tours provide a greater appreciation for the land, a better understanding of the history, and an opportunity to see some of the most impressive views in the world. By opening their eyes and letting the journey be the destination, visitors can enjoy Bryce and Zion in a whole new way.