See What the Bryce Canyon National Park Has to Offer

Things to do in Bryce Canyon National Park

Your travel to Utah wouldn’t be complete without seeing the popular Bryce Canyon National Park. The place is not only home to beautiful and natural formations unlike no other; it is also home to a wide variety of flowers, plants and animals like birds and mammals.  At dawn, animals like mule deer would go through the plateau.

What sets the Bryce Canyon National Park from the rest is that the whole place dates back to over millions of years ago as natural elements, wind and water, have beautifully carved the formations resulting to magnificent rock pillars also known as hoodoos that you can find in amazing amphitheaters.

When you visit the park, you get to see the canyon floor. All these you can find in Bryce Canyon National Park. Witness the amazing beauty of this place that truly invites discover and ignites imagination.

Every year, many tourists visit the Bryce Canyon National Park and even those who have come back several times are still in awe of the spectacular views, colors and formations that you can find there. The distinctive and huge hoodoos, natural bridges and fins, hikers and travelers who simply want to see the views cannot contain their amazement whenever they see these wonderful creations. The geological formations look surreal and with  the natural landscape, this is truly a sight to behold which explains why there are a lot of tourists coming from different parts of the globe just to the see the park.

Narrow Fins and Big Hoodoos

For first time travelers, you might be wondering how those fins and hoodoos are created. As rainwater falls, it seeps deep into the cracks of the rack. A combination of various weather elements and conditions, the water would freeze and expand breaking the rock apart. The narrow and deep walls are called the fins. They are formed when snow and rain runs down to the slope from the rim. The fins would then form windows and these holes would grow bigger and result to the hoodoos that we see in Bryce Canyon National Park.

Hiking Activities

The park is simply a perfect location for those who are into hiking. This is the best activity if you want to exercise those muscles and at the same time witness the geological formation. For a day hike, you can try the 1 mile loops for an easy route or you may also want to challenge yourself and go for an 11 mile adventure. While hiking, look at the bristlecone pine trees. These are not just ordinary trees because they are considered to be the oldest trees that you can ever find. In fact, these trees are 5,000 years old.

To see the beautiful sunrise and sunset, it is strongly recommended that you stay overnight in any of the campgrounds of Bryce Canyon National Park. Witness how sandstones (pink-orange) transform dramatically. On top of that, you can also experience a full view of the moon, something that you will surely not forget. Even in the dark, you can still find beauty as you can enjoy stargazing.

Apart from hiking and sightseeing, there are other activities that you can enjoy at Bryce Canyon National Park. Since it is 8,000 to 9,000 ft. above sea level, it is perfect for various winter sports like skiing and snowshoeing. You will never run out of activities to try when you go to the park.

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