Tip for a Safe Hiking Season in Bryce Canyon

Safe Hiking in Bryce Canyon
Bryce Canyon attracts outdoorsmen from around the world with its unique scenery and beautiful landscapes. Hikers specifically love Bryce Canyon thanks to its wide variety of trails of different difficulty levels. Hiking in Bryce Canyon provides a one-of-a-kind experience for both new and seasoned hikers.
Whether a hiker has traversed hundreds of miles of hiking trails or is just starting out, there are many rules to follow and things to be mindful of throughout the journey. Most of these basic hiking guidelines are put into place to help keep hikers and wildlife safe.
The goal of any activity is to have fun and avoid getting hurt. An excursion that ends in an injury will not be as fun as one that ends with everyone in the group completing the task without harm. In order to complete the journey safely, there are some important tips hikers should be mindful of before the hike begins. Whether the journey is days long, or just an hour, there are hazards that exist in Bryce Canyon, and other areas, that hikers should be prepared for. This preparedness will result in a fun, safe, and memorable experience.
Don’t hike alone
They say everything is better in pairs, and this saying definitely applies to hiking trips. Having a friend along for the hike can mean the difference between life and death. If a hike leaves someone injured or they have a medical emergency along the way, their hiking partner can not only tend to the emergency, but can also branch off to find help. If an injury occurs without help around, the chances of making it back to safety are slim.
For hikers who insist on hiking alone, there is a protocol that should be followed before every hike, large or small. Let a trusted friend, family member, or even a park official know exactly which route will be taken and how long it should take. This allows the second party to be aware of any problems if the hiker does not return in their anticipated time frame. If no one knows to look for a lost hiker, they aren’t likely to be found.
Be conservative with planning
When hiking beautiful places like Bryce Canyon, it’s understandable to want to see as many things as possible throughout the day. This desire can be dangerous when it leads to the hikers planning a much longer hike than they should. Hiking the canyons is very different from hiking through woods or other areas. These hikes are physically and mentally exhausting. Always plan the hike according to experience and capabilities, but consider taking a few miles off the route before heading out. There is plenty of time to see the magnificent land of Bryce Canyon.
Stick to marked trails
Marked trails in the park are usually traveled often and well-maintained. This reduces the chance of injury from loose rock, sharp debris, and impassable trails. While it may feel adventurous to take a wild, untrodden path, the risk is simply not worth the reward. Staying on marked paths has many benefits to hikers. In the case of an emergency, they are much more likely to be found than if they are in an unknown location. It is much more difficult to get lost on a marked trail. Also, they are less likely to run into dangerous wildlife while hiking marked trails. There are so many preplanned paths through Bryce to choose from, there is no reason to stray from the marked trails.
Check the weather
Temperatures and weather conditions can make or break a hiking trip. It is very important to be aware of the day’s weather before heading out to hike. Extremely high temperatures increase the risk of dehydration, exhaustion, sunburn, and other sun and heat-related ailments. Cold weather can cause hypothermia, frostbite, and slips from the ice on the trail. By knowing what is in store with the temperatures, hikers can plan their gear accordingly or choose to hike another day when temperatures aren’t so extreme.
Weather conditions like rain and snow also play a role in a hiking excursion. In the canyon environment, heavy rains can lead to flash flooding. In a matter of minutes, a trickling stream can turn into a raging river. It is advised that hikers avoid being in at-risk areas during periods of heavy rain. Also, snow can make the rocky terrain incredibly difficult to traverse. If a hiker does not have the proper gear for winter hiking, it will be a long and arduous journey. By being aware of weather conditions before the hike begins, hikers reduce the risk of being caught off guard by nature.
Come prepared, but don’t over prepare
There are a few things that must be packed for every hiking outing. Water, snacks, first aid kit, and proper gear for the type of hike are imperative for a successful hike. However, it’s not uncommon for hikers to go overboard when preparing for a hike. For day hikes, water, food, and first aid should be sufficient if the hiker has on the proper apparel. For overnight hikes, which should only be taken by experienced hikers, gear for sleeping and increased food and water supply should be brought along. As hikers gain more experience, they tend to realize what is truly needed, but avoiding over packing from the beginning will save energy along the way, allowing for a more enjoyable hike.
Enjoy a safe hike
There is nothing more exciting than getting in touch with nature and making new memories. Hiking is a terrific activity that provides those benefits, and much more. Whether hikers prefer a leisurely hike along the canyon to sight see, or want to spend the night under the stars, Bryce Canyon can provide the perfect hiking experience. By beings aware of the dangers that lurk in Bryce Canyon, hikers can prepare themselves for their hike and avoid serious accidents. By being prepared and remembering these helpful tips, hiking in Bryce Canyon should be a fun and exciting experience for everyone.

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