Trails reopening for hikers

Bryce Canyon Winter weather

As of Monday, April 1st, two trails have reopened for hikers in Bryce Canyon National Park.

The Fairyland Loop and the Tower Bridge Trail have both been closed due to winter conditions, but have been reopened to the public. The National Park Services warns for guests visiting the park to be aware of their surroundings while hiking, and to stay alert for continued winter weather conditions along the trails.

Some conditions that hikers should be aware of are:

  • Ice along the trail
  • Snow accumulations
  • Loose rocks

Hikers are strongly encouraged and recommended to use hiking poles and other traction devices while accessing these trails as the snow continues to melt in Bryce Canyon National Park.

Safety Tips for hiking Bryce Canyon National Park

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These two trails are an addition to trails that were opened earlier this year in March.

Trails currently open and accessible to hikers include:

  • The Rim Trail between Inspiration and Fairyland Loop
  • Mossy Cave Trail
  • Fairyland Loop, which also included the Tower Bridge Trail.

All other trails remain closed due to hazardous winter weather conditions found along the trails. Updates will continue to be posted as openings are announced.

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