Wanderlust Cowgirl Coffee

Wanderlust Cowgirl Coffeeshop near Bryce Canyon


They say all who wander are not lost. But if the desire to travel is strong, they might call you Wanderlust. In 1983 Wallace Stegner said, “National parks are the best idea we ever had. Absolutely American, absolutely democratic, they reflect us at our best rather than our worst.” Highway 89, sometimes referred to as National Parks Highway passes through the middle of a small town in Utah named Panguitch. Panguitch means “big fish” in Paiute. Mountains covered in pine trees surround the small town. There are many small lakes with excellent fishing near the town. The town of Panguitch flourishes due to tourism. Nesting itself just 23 miles away from Bryce Canyon National Park, it is considered the Northern gateway to the unique park.

The Best Coffee on Highway 89

One of the towns tiny treasures is Wanderlust Cowgirl Coffee shop. As far as I can tell the coffee shop has three main ingredients of success.

1. The beans are bought fresh from the bustling coffee market that has swept over Utah in the past decade. Freshly brewed coffee beans slowly dripped to perfection.

2. Freshly baked pastries. The owner gets up every morning at 4 am and bakes fresh pastries. The most delicious pastries that are soft to the touch with perfect texture to a seasoned palette.

3. The owner and employees are eager to please. If you are lucky, you will meet the owner. Stacie was a single mother for many years trying to make ends meet on her own. With a lot of gumption and tenacity, she scraped together the funds to build this cute little coffee shop teeming with seasonal flowers and a cabin-like feel that is cozy and inviting. Stacie is charismatic, and she knows what customers want. She tells me, “They want fresh coffee and delicious homemade pastries. Its hard-work but happy customers make it all worth it.”

Best Cup of Coffee Ever

I had a vanilla latte and it was the best cup of coffee I have ever tasted. I can say the same for the cinnamon roll, just thinking of it now makes me want to take the drive up and relive the memory. My husband had a pastry called Kolache and exclaimed “It was by far the tastiest coffee and the freshest pastry I’ve had since leaving France over 20 years ago.”

Brew and a View

Food and coffee so full of flavor that I offered to write this article. I was excited to write about this great little find on our way to one of the most magnificent sceneries my eyes have ever beheld. And that would be the views of Bryce Canyon National Park at the overlook at Sunrise Point while holding my husbands hand and the hot heart-warming beverage made by my new friends at Wanderlust Cowgirl Coffee in Panguitch, Utah.

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