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Wanderlust Cowgirl Coffee for some travelers is one of the main attractions. Slow drip coffee to perfection. Tantalizing to the taste and made to perfection leaves every pallette begging for more.

Approximately 20 minutes from Bryce Canyon Wanderlust is either on the way or too close to pass up. The brew is teeming with flavor and paired with one of their original pastries it is hard to go wrong.  The quaint town of Panguitch where Wanderlust is located sets the perfect ambiance of this cozy little coffee house. Simple and quick with a drive-thru makes this one of a kind stops irresistible. And when you thought it couldn't get any better, the prices are very reasonable and fair.

The coffee is the main attraction, but one begins to question this after eating their delicious pastries. One could travel the four corners of the globe and not taste coffee this fresh. The coffee and pastries seem to mimic the landscape and scenery; fresh and unforgettable.  The best little coffee drive-thru in the Southwest, be sure not to miss out on Wanderlust Cowgirl Coffee. Highly recommended.


  • Coffee
  • Espresso
  • Pastries
  • Smoothies
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575 E Center St,
Panguitch UT
Open Mon-Sat 6 AM – 2PM
Phone: 801-592-2252